Plasticulture in Europe

The volume of plasticulture marketed each year in Europe was approximately 674 000 tons in 2015, or 1.2% of the total plastic market consu­med in Europe (56 MT). Sales for 2019 are estimated at 707.800 tons, for which for, corrected of the climate variation, this market is considered relatively stable overall. Nevertheless, it shows a great evo­lution in quality by an improvement of the characteristics and the functionali­ties of these plastics.

Plasticulture for crop production ac­counts for 46% of the market, and ani­mal production 54%. Depending on the geographical area, they are distributed differently according to their specialty: Southern Europe is highly oriented towards vegetable production, while northern Europe is highly dependent on animal production.

If the market is reduced, it is charac­terized by high homogeneity in the polymers used, almost exclusively high and low density polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE) and polypropylene (PP). This ho­mogeneity favors selective collection of used agri-plastics and recycling.

For a more detailed information sea the 2016 edition of Plasticulture Magazine :

Définitions : are considered as agri-plastics the non-packaging plastics products that have a direct agronomic effect on the crop or on its conservation such as irrigation pipes, drainage tubes, films and covers, forage’s twine and nets, shading an protecting nets, etc…

Sales by products in Europe 2018

Plasticulture for Vegetable production

- Total  310 960 T -

Plasticulture for Animal production

- Total  396 850 T -


- Total  707 810 T -

Sales by products in Europe 2019

Plasticulture for Vegetable production

- Total  324 500 T -

Plasticulture for Animal production

- Total  397 000 T -


- Total  710 500 T -

Methodology: these figures are approximations obtained by a combination of different sources such as installed surfaces figures, declared sales to existing schemes, studies and enquiries)

The operating scheme may communicate more detailed statistics to their members.

Films sales by country 2018

TOTAL EU + 3 = 533 310 T

Spain93 000 T
Italy89 500 T
Germany70 000 T
France57 500 T
UK32 000 T
Poland23 000 T
Holland19 500 T
Ireland15 600 T
Sweden13 800 T
Belgium14 310 T
Finland11 800 T
Bulgaria9 750 T
Greece9 800 T
Austria5 800 T
Norway8 800 T
Denmark7 200 T
Hungary8 500 T
Check Republic 7 800 T
Switzerland3 650 T
Portugal3 400 T
Iceland1 600 T
Estonia1 300 T
Lithuania1 300 T
Latvia1 200 T
Slovakia1 000 T
Slovenia950 T
Romania900 T
Chyprius350 T
Luxembourg600 T
Misc19 400 T