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(APE Europe)


Every year, over 1 000 000 tons of agri-plastic wastes films are generated across Europe.

Agri-plastics reduce the environmental impact of the production by limiting consumption of pesticides, fertilizers, water and energy, while increasing yield, production in quantity and quality. Plastics protect soil’s structure, water table, favorize roots and plant development, limiting the arable land usage.

APE Europe is the non-packaging plastics products’ association for agriculture. APE is acting for a sustainable, profitable production, and a reliable agri-plastics’ end of life management.  Our priority is to provide farmers and growers with sustainable solutions for their production and the end of life management of agri-plastics.

“Zero plastics to nature, 100% recycled”


Farm plastic neutral is the objective. Any plastics weight IN must be equal to plastics weight OUT. APE promote the European National Collection Scheme (NCS) model, under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) frame in a specific governance with farmers and distributors.


Every year, over 1 175 000 tons of agri-plastic wastes are generated across Europe.


All agri-plastics are recyclable and APE is keen to contribute to make them 100% recycled thru sustainable national collection schemes, providing technical, financial solutions, innovation with ambitious R&D programs.

APE promote actively the integration of regenerated granule into new products to support sustainability, footprint reduction and provide a market to the recycling industry.