The European Plasticulture Strategy, unanimously adopted by the members of APE Europe on 2 December 2020, and supported by COPA-COGECA, the European association of farmers and cooperatives, as well as by the plastics industry, has become the reference in our sector. It was printed at the end of June and distributed to almost 2,000 decision-makers in the plasticulture community or public authorities in Europe. It is still available on the APE Europe website or on […]
As part of its post-COVID recovery plan the European Union has created a new contribution for member states, based on the amount of packaging plastics not recycled, to encourage recycling. This contribution is payable by states and can be deferred as a tax, which shows how important it is that agricultural plastics are not considered as packaging. A plastic tax on agriculture would penalise agricultural production, even though members states have the option of not […]
In the frame of the revision of EU legislation on waste and recycling, APE Europe recall the specific situation of plastics with agronomic effect used in agriculture. Considering their role in agricultural production and the specific end-of-life management system they have, they should be considered as non-packaging products.Download
Intervention of Peka Pesonen, General Secretary of COPA-COGECA, the European farmers and cooperatives associations, during the General Assembly of the Circular Plastic Alliance.
Petcore Europe, VinylPlus® and APE Europe join EuCertPlast
EuCertPlast welcomes Petcore Europe, VinylPlus and APE Europe as Regular Members. Their membership marks an additional effort to ensure quality management systems in plastic recycling.“Collaboration is key in ensuring the revamping of the plastic waste management systems, and it is for that reason that we are glad to join a well-reputed certification scheme such as EuCertPlast”, said Christian Crépet, the Executive Director of Petcore Europe.“Trust in the quality of plastic recycling processes is a must […]
Christiane Lambert, president of the french farmer union, FNSEA, is the new president of COPA, the european farmer union federation in Brussels.In the 2020 edition of Plasticulture Magazine, Christiane Lambert support strongly our model of national collection schemes. (The circular economy is at rhe heart of agricultural activity” P65. Christiane said:” as a farmer, I can tell you than we are very happy to have recycling systems for used plastics…”).This support is be very important […]
 le CPA rappelle que les paillages biodégradables sont bien autorisés en agriculture biologiqueLe 11 juillet 2019 le Comité français des Plastiques en Agriculture était alerté du retrait des paillages biodégradables comme intrant de l’agriculture biologique selon la dernière mise à jour du Guide de Lecture de l’Agriculture Biologique...Pour en savoir +
The COVID 19 epidemic affects a large number of people and can affect our loved ones, those around us, our employees and customers. In our view, it is essential to comply with the instructions given to us, in order to slow the spread of the virus, limit the number of people infected and, consequently, the mobilization of nursing staff who show so much courage and selflessness to fulfil its mission. We are very grateful to […]
- In France, the FNSEA, Adivalor, and plasticulture were very present in the preparation of the law "Fight against waste and the circular economy". This mobilization made it possible to raise awareness among public authorities and parliamentarians on the merits of the French device for managing the end of life of plastics. Our model was recognized and preserved in the law published in the official journal on February 11.- The biodegradable film is once again […]